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 Youth Korean Traditional Dance Group


KACCSA Youth Dance Group

Date :  Fridays (year - round)

Time : 6:00 to 7:50 pm.

Tuition : Free

Instructor: Eunji Lee & Grace In

When it comes to traditional dances, Korea is one of few countries that has traditional dances from more than 1000 years ago. Korea was found around 2333 BC and has a rich history of storytelling through dance. In Korea, dance is an important part of our cultural heritage.

The purpose for the Advanced Youth Korean Traditional Class is to share Korean culture. The most important part of this class is the relationship, interaction, and teamwork of the students. Most of the students have been studying Korean traditional dance for more than 3 years. This dance group has been invited to many cultural events and performs traditional Korean dances at several festivals, such as Folk-life Festival, Asian Festival, and Kimchi Festival, in addition to other cultural events at institutes or schools.

They do perform fan dance (부채춤: Buchae choom), standing drum dance (삼고무: Sam Gomoo), long line hat dance (12발 상모: Sahngmo), short line hat dance with a small drum (소고춤: Sogo choom), Modumbuk 모듬북, flower crown dance (화관무: Hwagwanmoo), Janggo hourglass drum dance (장고춤), Samulnori Korean percussion (사물놀이), 4-Drum Nanta (난타) and so on.

(If you would like to join this team, please email to and register for the class of Advanced youth Korean traditional dance.) 

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