Painting for adult

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Drawing a masterpiece

Date : Thursdays for 8 weeks

Time : 9:30- 11:20 

Tuition : $100 

Instructor : Kyunghee Roh

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재료 :

1.스케치용연필- ( 2B, 4B)


3.드로잉북 - Watercolor paper paper

                    (사이즈 11 * 15 inch, 중량 140 lb)

4.수채화 색연필- 추천1: dewent inktense 24 

                           추천2: castel faber 24 

5.수채화붓- watercolor aquarelle 10 pc

세계명화에 얽힌 재미난 이야기를 나누며 작품을 세밀하게 살펴보고, 본인만의 표현방식으로 쉽게 체험하며 배워 봅니다.

Students will learn about the world's famous paintings by talking with the instructor about the pieces and looking at them closely, and draw them in your own way with different skills and touches.  

​수업 첫 날 위의 재료를 준비해 오시기 바랍니다.

Please be prepared with the material on the first day of class.