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KCCSA Class Testimonials

from our students

Korean American Cultural Center of San Antonio (KACCSA)

was established in 2010, and has been offering many programs including Korean classes to San Antonio community. Despite the pandemic, we are doing our best to keep offering quality Korean classes and programs online to San Antonio community and students outside of San Antonio area. Before you register for class, please check out some of the feedback from the students who previously took or currently taking our classes. 


Vanessa M.

The Basic Hangeul class was a lot of fun and I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning Korean alphabet. The teachers are so helpful, kind, and supportive. Our class meetings were through Zoom, but I am very thankful to KACCSA for making the class accessible despite the pandemic. I look forward to moving on to Level 1 this spring. 감사합니다!

Diana G.

I’ve taken foreign classes before but honestly these classes are way better. They are very interactive and we are able to retain more information since there are quizzes and assignments each week that allow us to test our knowledge. The teachers are great, and now I’m able to actually understand and write some Korean. I’m very happy with these classes and plan on taking all the levels!

Marcela O.

I've taken cooking lessons, language classes, and been in movie discussion clubs here. I always felt welcome and so happy to go to my classes, wether they were in person or online. Teachers here are so patient and kind and truly care about your progress. I highly recommend taking any class!

Lynn L.

안녕하세요! This was the most fun I have had in a year! I loved every minute of learning Korean. I am looking forward to my next level class. The professors are amazing, professional, and above all supportive. They are happy to share their beautiful language and go above and beyond to help you learn.

Dora C.

This time I took the Basic Hangeul class and I learned plenty, not only about the alphabet but also history and culture; we had practices and I feel confident to move on to the next level. I loved the fact that the classes were on zoom because I do not live in San Antonio, so if it wasn't for that I wouldn't have been able to attend to the classes, so I am very grateful for the opportunity I normally do not have due that I'm far. Everyone was very patient and helpful!

Michael N.

Took the Basic Hangul class. Unfortunately we had to have it online via Zoom, but the teachers made it great. They were very enthusiastic and super friendly. I am looking forward to continuing to progress through their more advanced classes.

Sha E.

My husband is Korean, so I wanted to learn Korean to be able to talk his parents. I can make sentences and write in Korean now. My parents in law are very happy and proud ❤️
I will keep taking more classes here. My plan is to finish all the levels

Amy A.

My kids took the book club and puzzle club, and I am glad they loved the classes. My younger one is getting better reading skills and now she loves reading Books. Teachers are so great, my kids are already looking forward to the coding class next spring semester. Thank you!

Maureen L.

The basic Hanguel online Zoom class worked out well. I got to learn the language with a bit of Korean cultural. I tried to learn the language by self-studying the books that I purchased elsewhere but got confused and couldn't tell the difference of different syllables. The KACCA teachers explained very clearly with the materials they provided. They helped me understand and learn much quicker. I'll be taking the next level in the next semester!


I would highly recommend taking Korean classes at the KACCSA. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to take level 1 and 2 virtually from Houston. My Korean language skills have improved so much. The teachers have really made an effort to make sure students get to where they want to be in their Korean language learning journey. Level 1 and 2 have weekly assignments, quizzes, and meetings with speaking partners from class. It's very interactive and expect to participate. I absolutely loved my experience!

Michael M.

The KACCSA's teachers are native speakers of Korean, with great expertise teaching the material. They're very organized and supportive. The lesson materials (slides, etc.) are excellent, and "I Love Korean" is a wonderful textbook/workbook series. If you're looking for a great resource for online Korean classes, your search is over...register with the KACCSA, study diligently, learn a lot, and enjoy the experience!

Laura M. 

I have taken their language classes for several years and keep returning. We learn Korean history among current music trends, as well. The instructors are highly professional and friendly. They also offer different classes that encompasses the Korean culture including dance and cooking.

Sharon F.

I would highly recommend taking language classes at the KACCSA. The instructors are patient, helpful and knowledgeable. Learning more about the culture is amazing. The friendships I have developed during class help me thru a challenging language journey, which I feel is priceless and fun!

Arthur M.

A group of very dedicated and hard working individuals oversee and run the cultural center. My family has taken language classes over the years and a cooking class there, and the atmosphere is friendly, relaxed yet professional, and the classes are extremely informative! All the classes we attended were held onsite on Saturdays, pre-Covid-19, now online. It's a great organization to learn about the Korean culture and language, and we cannot recommend the center enough. A great big thanks to all the teachers and coordinators for all that they do.

Bermea B.

I recommend this place. Learning a new language is challenging, but the teachers here are very professionals and explain everything in a way that you don't feel overwhelmed. Thumps up for the Cultural Center 👍👍

Regina L.

The Cultural Center offers languages classes that are challenging and enjoyable. The teachers are dedicated professionals that know how to deliver the content In a direct, clear manner. I would highly recommend the language classes to anyone interested in learning Korean. It’s a blast!

Carmelle L.

I took the Basic Hangeul class in Summer 2020 and I loved the class! These times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it provided an opportunity for us to be creative and conduct the class via Zoom videoconferencing. I applaud the faculty because they were able to make it work! As a beginner, even though the materials are new to me, the teachers were able to patiently coach us in developing our speaking skills. We were also able to have interaction with our other classmates so we get get to practice Korean expressions. They also utilize Quizlet to prepare us well for quizzes. We were also given comprehensive assignments to be done on both the Textbook and Workbook as homework to practice our reading and writing skills for the entire week before our next session. And we were given some YouTube videoclips so we can practice our listening skills and follow correct pronunciation. I learned so much in the class. Thank you so much KACCSA for make it very enjoyable for all of us! I'm excited to take the next level up! See you all in the next class!

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