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Thank you for joining our

'Quarantine Special: Learning Korean Culture through Films'.

It was our pleasure to see you enjoy the Korean movie, culture and language. See you again next year!

Learning Korean Culture Through Films

Film is great tool to express people's dreams, imagination, feelings and messages to their audience. In addition, films can be great tool to learn about the culture.

By watching Korean films, having lectures about cultures embedded in the films, and having a discussion/sharing thoughts at this class taught by Dr. Gong in this pandemic period, you will get to know more about Korean culture phenomena, social issues and daily life of Koreans.  


Movies we will watch:

 'The host', 'Miracle cell #7' and 'Scandal makers'.

After you sign up for the class, you will receive links to watch 2 of the movies for free of charge. Unfortunately, free link to watch the 3rd movie is not available. Please expect to pay about $3.99 to watch the 3rd movie. 

How the class runs:

1) Watch the film individually before the class date.

2) During the class, Dr. Gong will give a short lecture covering cultural components embedded in the film.

3) Students will have discussion and Q/A time.

Class will be on-line through zoom.

<About the instructor, Dr. Deukhee Gong>

Dr. Gong teaches Korean language and culture at the Univ. of Texas at San Antonio. She has taught the course "Learning Korean culture through Korean films" at UTSA for several years.

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