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2021 Winter

Puzzle Club

*Class in English*

For 5th - 8th Graders

Tuition: $80

Time: 5:30-6:30 pm, Wednesdays

              Jan. 13 - Mar. 3

Registration opens on Dec. 28

Class description

By attending this course, students will learn of prepositional logic and problem solving skills, logical and critical thinking through fun puzzles. Students will get to have fun solving fun puzzles with their classmates. They will practice thinking logically and learn different approaches for solving problems. This will better prepare them for more abstract math classes in high school.

Every week, students will learn a new kind of puzzle that will challenge students to problem solve in different ways. The instructor will explain and do examples with students, and then students will get to apply what they've learned to solve the puzzles on their own.

- For example, we will do sudoku puzzles one week. Students will learn how to use strategies like process of elimination, looking for patterns, and breaking the problem into smaller problems, and then they will get to apply those skills to the sudoku puzzle. 

- Another week we will do Knights and Knaves puzzles together. This is a puzzle where students will have to use the rules of logic (like and, or, not, and implication) to figure out which people in the problems are telling the truth.

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