Level 3 Korean

Level 3 ($150 for a session of 8 weeks)

Textbook & workbook: 사랑해요 한국어 2 (ILK 2)

Textbook and workbook can be purchased through our website.

Each class runs about three hours at a time, focusing on reading, speaking and listening in Korean.

Level test: Please email info@sakorean.org in advance to reserve your spot for the level test. Students who took the previous class do not need a level test.​

Description of the classes

Level 3: 사랑해요 한국어 2 (ILK 2) (SNU Press)

Course Description: This course is designed for those who has successfully completed Level 2 or is at an equivalent level. Through this course, students will be able to enhance basic communication skills and differentiate between the style of Korean language used in an official and an unofficial setting. Topics such as hobbies, frequency, bank, post office, transportation, directions, boy, symptoms, feelings, talking on the phone and more will be discussed along with a comprehensive training on speaking, reading, listening, and writing. (* The syllabus is subject to change based on the needs of the class.)

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