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Key dates

April 4 - May 7, 2022 (Midnight)
Video & form Submission
April 25 - May 14, 2022 (Midnight)
Preliminary Announcement
May 21, 2022
Final Round Award Ceremony
11 AM, May 28, 2022 (Zoom)

"내가 아는 한국 The Korea I know"


-Korean American Cultural Center of San Antonio


- Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Houston

Eligible Participants

All Texas residents who are interested in Korean culture and are older than 13 years old (Contestants younger than 18 years of age need a parental/guardian consent form) can participate in this contest. 

Rules & Regulations

1. The video and its content must be original.

2. One entry should be applied per person.

3. Contestants younger than 18 years of age need a parental/guardian consent form.

4. The video must be 30 seconds to 3 minutes in length.

5. The video should be family-friendly content (at most PG13).

6. If the video contains Korean, it should have English subtitles so that the audience members can understand.

Judging Standards & Process

1. Is the video original and creative?

2. How well does the video show what the contestants like or know about Korea or why the contestants learn Korean culture?

3. How well does the video draw in the audiences and keep their attention, so the audiences are left with a strong understanding of Korea and Korean culture, and they want to learn more about it?

4. What is the overall quality of the production (including visual and sound elements)?


To bring awareness, , enriching understanding, and promoting Korean culture through the video contest.


1st Winner: $500, 2nd winner: $300, 3rd winner: $200, Also, other finalists will receive a $50 reward. Audience members will receive gifts as well


With the title of “The Korea I Know,” the contestants can create a video about 'what I like about Korea, what I know about Korea, or why I learn Korean culture' that is from 30 seconds to 3 minutes long. The contestants can present or make a video about Korea or Korean culture such as History, Korean Drama, film, architecture, cuisine, K-pop dance, music, technology, entertainment industry, beauty, traditions, etc.

Contest Process

1. Contestants must submit their application by May 7th at the KACCSA’s website (

2. Submit the original video, a thumbnail image, a parent/guardian consent form, if necessary, by May 14th at the KACCSA’s website (

   1) The original video with a format MP4 or MOV. Please upload the video to cloud storage such as Dropbox ( or Google Drive and submit the video’s URL. * Please do not set up a password. 

   2) The video should start with the cover page. The cover page includes your name or team’s name, the title and the topic of the video, and the name of the event (2022 Korean Video Contest by Korean American Cultural Center of San Antonio). 

   3) Thumbnail image of the video: Thumbnail images should have a resolution of 1280x720 (with a minimum width of 640 pixels) in an image format such as JPG, GIF, or PNG. Please remain under the 2MB limit.

   4) Parent/guardian consent form: If you are younger than 18 years of age, you need to submit the parent/guardian consent form. This form will be available on the website.

3. All contestants' videos will be previewed by the judges at the preliminary screening, the top 8 videos will be selected, and they will be announced on the KACCSA’s website and will be notified individually via an E-mail on May 21st.

4. The selected finalists, their friends, and family will be invited for the final round, and the zoom link will be E-mailed. 

5. On the day of the final round, May 28th, the top 8 videos will be watched by all participants, their friends and family, and judges on zoom. The final selection will determine the winning videos by the judges (1st Prize, 2nd Prize, & 3rd Prize). The judges are experts on either video contests or on Korea and Korean culture.

6. The finalists’ videos will be presented on the KACCSA’s website, Facebook, and/or YouTube.

Korean Video Contest

"​내가 아는 한국: The Korea I know"

1. Application submission: April 4th (Monday) to May 7th (Saturday) by midnight.

2. Video and other forms submission: April 25th (Monday)to May 14th (Saturday) by midnight.

3. Preliminary round announcement: May 21st (Saturday)

4. Final round and Award ceremony: May 28th (Saturday) at 11 am on zoom

Important Dates

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