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Korean Reading Practice Club

Welcome to KACCSA's

Korean Reading Practice Club

We have reading practice club for you who are learning Korean and want to improve your reading skill.

Apr. 6 - Apr. 27 (4 Weeks)

Sat. 7:00 - 7:30 am 

(For Students from 13 years old and up

& level 2 and up)

Clubs meet once a week on zoom for 4 -5 weeks.

Tuition: $27

Contribute $27 in monthly dues to participate in 4-5 sessions depending on the month (on a subscription basis until you cancel).

*Seats are limited-Reading materials with English translation and word lists & audio will be provided. 
-Pronunciation correction assistance as we read together is included. 
-And if needed, a morning wake-up call is also available.

Please let us know if you need wake-up call.

- This class really helped improve my speed and intonation when I read!
- I really liked how I got to practice more reading.
- Opportunity to improve speaking and reading Hangeul!
- The opportunity to learn new vocabulary and improve reading skills

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