Reading & Creative Writing

Class description


Join us as we read and discuss notable books of different genres weekly, and engage in different genres of creative writing including playwriting, fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. Students will develop their close analytical reading, speaking, creative writing and critical thinking skills. Classes will be held weekly over zoom and require students to complete some reading and sometimes writing assignments before class.

      (20-21 school year) 

7th-8th graders 

Jun. 15th - Aug. 3rd (8 Wks)

Tue. 5 - 6 pm

5th-6th graders

Jun. 17th - Aug. 5th (8 Wks)

Thur. 4 - 5 pm

3rd-4th graders

Jun. 14th - Aug. 2nd (8 Wks)

Mon. 4 - 5 pm

    Tuition: $80