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Nov 26, 2023 - Jan 13, 2024

"Speaking in Korean" Boot Camp

  • 49Days
  • 6Steps


By the end of this training program, learners will be able to comfortably carry out a 10-minute conversation (at their level) in Korean. Learners will gain speech strategies and make them automatic/habitual for the following: (1) starting and ending conversations, as well as keeping the conversation going (reacting, asking questions back); (2) working around communicative breakdowns/limitations in conversation without reverting to English; and (3) acquiring new language within Korean conversation (helping any native speaker teach you something new). The expected time commitment is approximately 1 hour/day, Monday-Friday, for 6 weeks [Nov. 26, 2023 - Jan. 12, 2024]. Lessons and tasks are "asynchronous", or self-paced, except for group practice sessions held Dec. 8, Dec. 27, and Jan. 11 [from 7-8 pm on Zoom], and the orientation meeting [Sun., Nov. 26 from 7-8 pm on Zoom]. This boot camp is designed for beginner or low intermediate levels. Prerequisite: ability to read/write Hangeul. An optional Final Speaking Test [one-on-one conversation for 10 minutes with a native speaker] is offered at the end of the course to evaluate whether learning objectives have been met [This test is optional; test fee is $35].

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