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Mar 1, 2024 - Mar 30, 2024

[ONLINE] <March> 30-Day Challenge: Korean Study Habits


Are you trying to practice Korean everyday? Are you trying to have a habit of studying Korean daily? Let's do it together with KACCSA 30-day challenge! Join others who are ready to commit to 30 days of studying Korean in their own way! Set your own personal challenge and take part in a daily accountability regimen with your cohort members. Examples: -keeping a daily journal in Korean -studying vocab flashcards for 15 min. daily -read 1 Korean folk tale per day -any study habit you can think of! The participation fee is $30 and the highest completion rate will win a prize of $50 KACCSA program credit . Accountability is measured by daily posting with time stamp on a Kakao group chat between your set time that show what you did at what time daily. <Testimony> - The 30-day challenge was a great experience for me. I am self-motivated, but it was very helpful to have to submit my work and be held accountable for it. I received a lot of great suggestions that were helpful with increasing my knowledge. I would highly recommend it! - SJ - I think that the 30 day challenge with KACCSA is extremely worth it to do. It reminds me to make sure that I spend time on the Korean language. It keeps you accountable, and the fact that you get feedback from KACCSA is so helpful. - V. - I did the January 2024 Korean Accountability Challenge with KACCSA. At first, I was intimidated to post something everyday in the chat to the other group members, but as time went on I realized that being in a group kept me accountable and encouraged me to be confident and post more. I'm really glad I got to have this opportunity and I highly recommend this for anyone who would like to meet a group of people who are enthusiastic about keeping track of their goals. -G.



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