March 25, 2018

Korean Absolute Beginner

Time:  Saturday 9:30 am – 10:50 am

Tuition: $ 75 (Materials separate)

Instructor: Hyewon Kim


Material: Hand out

1week: Introduction to Hangeul and Korea. Basic Consonants, How to form Syllables, Basic Expressions.

2week: Basic Consonants, Basic Vowels, Making words with Basic consonants and vowels, Sino Korean numbers.

3week: Double consonants, vowels, Sino Korean numbers

4week: Batchim(Final Consonants)

5-6week: Unit 1. 반갑습니다. – N은/는, N이에요/예요, 네/아니오

7-8week: Unit 2 이게 뭐예요? –Demonstrative pronouns / N에 / N이/가

9-10week: Unit 3 커피 주세요. 있어요/없어요, 숫자, counting unit.